No pitching skills? No Problem! There are no pitching skills required
to use the FlexiPitch pitching machine. This product can be used by all ages and skill levels. It is easy and safe to use, as plastic FlexiPitch balls are launched in place of a normal baseball.  Don't be surprised if your child enjoys pitching as much as they enjoy batting.
Practicing with the plastic FlexiPitch balls make regular baseballs seem larger, improving your batting skills. You'll launch off-speed pitches and fastballs from all angles for a more realistic approach to practicing. The FlexiPitch pitching machine is easy to assemble and breaks down into four small parts. No matter where you choose to practice, you can bring the FlexiPitch along with you!  No batteries or power cords required!
Best of all, the FlexiPitch makes batting practice fun!
For a more interactive view of the FlexiPitch pitching machine and what it can do, please check out our Multimedia page.

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